Inbox Blueprint Review – Inside Details on the 2018 2.0 Edition

Do you know the difference between success and failure? It’s the ability to recognize an opportunity and use it. Is Inbox Blueprint that opportunity for you in 2018? Maybe, but it is not for all.

Creator: Anik Singal
Price: $1497 or 3 payments of $597
Official site:

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In Inbox Blueprint 2.0 For You?

Now before you dive into my full review of IB system and the Launch Pad software I want to explain what I meant by saying that Inbox Blueprint is not for everyone. While Inbox Blueprint give you the opportunity, or a set of circumstances that makes it possible to achieve online wealth, it is:

  • NOT a get rich quick scam
  • NOT a push button solution
  • NOT a latest trend, loophole or exploit
  • NOT a system that will make you a millionaire overnight

If you’re looking for a system that promises any or all of the above, than this opportunity is not for you. However, if you are looking for:

  • Complete blueprint to $10,000+ per month with email
  • Community of 22,000+ students that got started with Inbox Blueprint
  • Launchpad software that automates your list building
  • Video and online training sessions with live case-studies

Then I encourage you to continue reading and find out how to be an Inboxer and change your life starting today.

Review of Inbox Blueprint 2018 course consist 8 training modules, member’s forum, replays as well as bonuses like traffics academy, WordPress Academy, and LURN Success stories.

The modules are formulated in a way to teach you about each aspect of an online business.  Which allows you to see a bigger picture  gradually, rather than be overwhelmed by the amount of information.

  • Module 1: Addiction Meter (picking a niche) – Most courses start with this, but Anik does it a bit differently. Instead of forcing you to pick a niche, IB shows you which are profitable for your business.
  • Module 2: The Bait (creating and opt-in page and free gift) – The famous gift startegy is redifined here as Anik shares his own best results and what works and what doesn’t.
  • Module 3: The TYP Method (how to earn commissions right away) – The “thank you page method” allows you to use the mind state your leads are in after becoming your subscriber to earn commisions.
  • Module 4: Email Machine Overview (sending the emails) – Alll about autoresponders, and the logistics of them. An important module even if you think you know how to do it.
  • Module 5: Emails and List Relationship – One of the biggest and most detailed module in the book that deals with a crucial part of your business. Learn how to create and maintain the relationship.
  • Module 6: Payday Secrets (how to earn an income) – I noticed most courses focus on creating pages or getting traffic but often forget monitezation.  After all, how can tyou earn if you don;t know what and how to promote it.
  • Module 7: Easy Traffic (getting visitors to your page) – Anik gives you 6 ways to generate free traffic and 4 paid ones. I also include my own in the bonus.
  • Module 8: Unlimited Success (final touches and scaling) – Learn how to take you business to the next level with Anik Singal’s inner secrets.

The rest of the course include:

  • Members Forum – where everyone can come together and help each other
  • Bonuses – “Secret” bonuses you’ll find out when inside
  • Replays – all past replays of training and webinars
  • Traffic Academy – another source to get visitors
  • WordPress Academy – everything you will ever need to know about wordpress
  • LURN Success Stories – see what others achieved and what awaits you.

The Overview of InboxBlueprint LaunchPad

  1.  Configuration
    1. pick one of the popular niches
    2. name your campaign and subdomain. The opt-in page can be hosted on the launchpad domain)
  2. Email Campaign
    1. fill in your information
    2. create your first email list
  3.  Affiliate Offer
    1. pick an offer based on the niche of my choice (I like to use digital offers on clickbank for this)
  4. Free Report
    1. write the title, and subtitle
    2. choose a cover and background image
    3. select pre-written articles (you can write your own)
    4. pick the order of the emails as well as when to send them
  5. Funnel Design
    1. create an opt-in page with drag and drop builder
  6. Preview/Edit
    1. make sure the information is correct or edit anything you like
  7. Finish
    1. start sending visitors
    2. get subscribers
    3. earn commissions.

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Inbox Blueprint Bonus

I actually had a hard time coming up for a bonus as it seems Anik has put in everything you need to run a successful email campaigns inside the members area. I will not be any value by offering another course, ebook or video training as bonus. In fact, it would only distract you from the real training.

So I decided to offer a rare opportunity for a bonus where I’ll rank your optin page or web property on the first page of google for free organic traffic. All you have to do it buy Inbox Blueprint using any link on this page, including the one below and leave me a comment that you did.

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