Fan Page Domination Review – Why Should You Even Care?

Why Fan Page Domination should interest you? If you’re anything like me, you’re always looking out for a way to beat the rat race. The internet has so many tools, markets and openings for a creative individual that this is now a very real possibility.

Creator: Anthony Morrison
Price: $1997 at
3 Payments of  $797 at

Why The Gurus “Almost” Always Get It Wrong? trouble with trying to make a great success out of social media and email marketing is that everybody throws in their opinion, but they tend not to have very much to back it up with.

In fact, quite a lot of these supposed ‘experts’ have no prior success, and their money is really coming from….

Selling their ability to teach people how to make money.

The problem with these kind of people is that you can’t actually replicate any of it for yourself (at least, not without being a total scumbag, and definitely not while using the questionably effective methods they teach).

However, FanPage Domination is a different than most. I’ve been lucky enough to test it our and see whether it’s worth investing the time into or not, so today I’m going to be doing a review of FanPage Domination.

Fan Page Domination by Anthony Morrison

fan page dominationFP Domination is a specific method of combining Facebook Pages, web properties, an autoresponder and an email list to make money online.

Sounds like something you already tried?

Not like this, truest me. Anthony has spend months figuring out the perfect solution for a Fan Page.

So who the heck is Anthony Morrison anyway, and why is he such an authority on the subject? anthony morrisonThat’s a smart question. If you’re going to listen to somebody, it’s better to save your time for the ones that actually know what they’re talking about.

Thankfully, Anthony Morrison is one of those rare few who doesn’t mind sharing his secrets. In fact, he thrives on helping people gain success and regularly tours the globe as a speaker, entrepreneur and business coach.

He’s also written multiple books, started dozens of successful companies and even appeared on National TV for his success. The guy is kind of a big deal in the online world and has a net worth of millions to proof it.

But that’s enough about Anthony Morrison. You didn’t come here to talk about him, you want to find out what FanPage Domination can do for YOU.

What Do You get With Fan Page Domination?

FP Domination is a collection of over the shoulder and whiteboard style training videos dived into 4 phases, live training webinars, software and bonuses. This is what you get in the members area.

fan page domination review

Here’s the quick overview of each phase.

  1. GETTING SETUP – If you chose to go the “Do it Yourself” route then this is where you will build the foundation for your 6 to 7 figure fan page business. You can also chose “Done for You” fanpage for quick start.
  2. BUILD & GROW – Now what if I told you Anthony has a step by step process to build a fan page from 0 to 400k likes? It starts in this phase.
  3. SCALE & LAUNCH – Once you have a decent amount of fans 20k to 30k, it is time to launch and triple that in just days.
  4. MONETIZE & PROFIT – Its time to make some cash! Anthony teaches several monetization methods but I really like the one where you made instant commissions with ads.

On top of those you also get:

  • Fan Explosion Software – plugin that’s let you engage with instantly/
  • Live Workshops – weekly live training for the member of FPD.
  • Success Connection – live webinars with top online entropeiners.
  • EmailEDU – bonus training on email marketing
  • Facebook Group – a FPD members only FB group

At the end you get everything from building a Facebook Fan Page, choosing which industry or niche to specialize in (and, more importantly, WHY) and how to use these elements to build a truly staggering flow of visitors that convert into email subscribers at a higher than normal rate., Anthony Morrison has created a free ebook (click here to download it) that you can download without having to commit to anything. The ebook does a pretty good job of explaining what’s in each of the modules, and gives you a brief overview of how it all fits together using straightforward diagrams.

And if that isn’t enough for you?

You’re also given access to a free webinar that goes into even more detail on how the Fan Page Domination system works. Click Here to sign up for the latest one.

I told you he gave away a lot for free, didn’t I? Bet you didn’t believe me. At this point, it’s hard to imagine how he actually had anything left to keep for the customers, but that’s just the thing. There’s A LOT to learn if you want to successfully apply what’s taught in Fan Page Domination to your own business. It’s very specific, and uses a lot of inter-connected elements to guide people who engage with your Facebook page unerringly towards your email list and entering those all important payment details.

Of course, that doesn’t mean that it’s a static approach. Being an internet entrepreneur is a fast paced life and you need to be able to adapt.

Fan Page Domination has recognized this. Once you’ve gone through all of the training content, you’ve still got an ace up your sleeve.

There’s an exclusive network for FP Domination customers, allowing you to share new developments and strategies with your compatriots, as well as the ongoing live training from Anthony Morrison and others on his team. This means that even if half of the Fan Page Domination strategy was to be foiled by a weird algorithm update (like so many other similar products) you’ve still got a worthwhile investment on your hands as the system will adapt and evolve to overcome any difficulties.

Final Thoughts On FP Domination and What’s Next might be worrying if you’ll be able to get hold of this fantastic course, and it wouldn’t be a fair Fan Page Domination review if we didn’t mention the price.

Yet even on the price, Anthony Morrison hasn’t shied away from giving things away.

FP Domination is now out for $1997 with a 33% discount.

Don’t have that much on hand? You can even split it up over three months at $797, and you’ll still get it cheaper than full price.

However, if you don’t hurry the price will go back to $2,997 soon. Now with everything you get, even the done for you pages, can you really afford NOT to get Fan Page Domination?

Click Here to To To Get It Now

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